30 Reasons Why You Should Take A Caribbean Cruise


19 March 2018

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30 Reasons Why You Should Take A Caribbean Cruise

  1. You travel to and visit multiple vacation destinations without the hassle of having to pack up or change hotel rooms.  Your hotel room travels with you.
  2. You don’t have to get behind the wheel of a car . . “Are we there yet?”
  3. It’s a complete all-inclusive vacation, and your journey is the vacation in progress.
  4. It may be snowing where you are, but it’s always sunny in the Caribbean.
  5. You can cruise for three days or two weeks. Cruise ships are so big you hardly feel them moving and lessen your chance of being seasick.
  6. If there’s bad weather the ship can sail away from it and retain the serenity.
  7. You just relax, completely unplug from everything and learn the Caribbean slogan “No Worries Mahn!”
  8. You don’t have to make your bed or clean your room…It’s cleaned by your room steward twice a day.
  9. There are no meals to cook or dishes to wash and put away after dinner.
  10. Enjoy nightly turndown service with cute little towel animals and chocolates on your pillow.
  11. Multi-generation families can travel together because there is something fun to do for everyone – young, old and all ages in between.
  12.  You make memories that last a lifetime, reconnecting with your family and spending quality time together.
  13. Want some private time with your significant other?  There are kids and teen clubs that your children will love and keep them busy.
  14. Looking for some peace and quiet?  Enjoy Adults only areas where you can escape the noise and finally get to that book you’ve wanted to read.
  15. Nightly opportunity to try new foods in the dining room you might not normally eat.  Can’t make up your mind which dessert to eat?  Order both, it’s ok (no charge).
  16. Free soft serve ice cream all hours of the day and night.  Pizza at midnight.
  17. 24-hour room service (free).
  18. There’s always something . . or nothing to do.  You get to choose!  There are lots of daily activities planned; you just choose what you like to do.
  19. Enjoy pool time, ride the waterslides, play Mini-golf up on the sports deck, or visit the spa for a personal massage at sea.
  20. Enjoy free live entertainment in the huge onboard theater or watch movies up on the main deck – all free.
  21. Keep fit with visits to the exercise room and enjoy an ocean view on the treadmill.
  22. Dance the night away, have fun with Karaoke, laught it up at the comedy clubs, and much, much more.
  23. Try your luck as the casino and maybe win yourself a free cruise.
  24. Sign up for mixology classes, enjoy beer wine and spirits tastings, or just realx and enjoy tropical drinks in coconuts.
  25. Relax and listen to the ocean on your private balcony, enjoy the beautiful sunsets at sea and enjoy some time alone.
  26. Lounge on the deck and work on your suntan, or swing the day away in a hammock.
  27. Visit exciting island destinations with amazing shore excursions and white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters.
  28. Enjoy duty free shopping on ship and on the islands, zip-line, snorkel or swim with the dolphins.
  29. Meet new people and make new friends on the ship.
  30. Finally, make your friends at home all jealous by posting your cruise vacation pictures on social media.

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