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It can be overwhelming to plan a trip to Alaska. Where are the best spots to see bears or moose or beautiful sunsets? Do you want to spend a lot of time in one area exploring the wilderness and mountains or make those side excursions while visiting Alaska’s diverse cities? Because Alaska is so big, it’s divided into 5 regions—you can take a cruise to the inside passage where you can experience the last wilderness frontier with a variety of shore excursions, or you can choose to stay at a resort in Denali for guided tours. Once you go, you will want to go back again, and again. Let us help you plan that Alaskan magic.



Ah, the South Pacific – the “Land Down Under” to include Australia, New Zealand and adjoining areas. It is said that Alaska, Australia and New Zealand are the last of the natural frontiers that offer tours of natural settings and undisturbed wildlife. There are unique special tour packages from 7 – 28 days allowing you to visit the natural wonders of the area. There are also cruise packages of Australia now that allow you to visit several of the major ports that offer unique tours unavailable in other parts of the world. Take the journey to “Down Under” and explore exotic and mysterious Australia, New Zealand and the islands. You can travel to Australia and visit in a tour package allowing you to see a lot of the primary highlights, or consider taking the cruise to see as much as you can.



If you have never visited the Caribbean, we recommend a cruise so that you can visit several of the fantastic islands in one trip. However, each island has its own unique beauty with fun-filled activities. Every island has all-inclusive resorts with private beaches that take your breath away. There are resorts for family fun, and resorts for Adults Only. No matter what island you are thinking of, we have packages to meet any and all interests. We specialize in Destination Weddings, Beach Weddings, and splendid Honeymoons in Aruba, St. Lucia, Curacao, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, the Bahamas – the list goes one and there are always special packages for every occasion.



Europe has so much to offer with tour packages to every country and every interest. Want to visit historical sights, learn about the culture, or just relax on a beach in the Mediterranean? We can tailor a special tour for you to help you fulfill your dreams no matter where you wish to go. Ireland, England, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Greece, France, Italy – we can provide tour packages or resorts and rental cars to any European spot you wish to visit. We also want to recommend considering the fantastic River Cruises where you can sail up and down the fantastic rivers in Europe seeing several countries with the best highlights of each culture, the best wines and the best cuisine.



The dream of almost everyone is to visit Hawaii – maybe for a family vacation, or even a honeymoon, or perhaps you want to renew your vows in beautiful Hawaii? Each island has its own unique splendor and natural wonders that make visiting Hawaii a vacation to remember always. There are several ways to visit Hawaii – resorts, hotels, by cruise ship or you can even rent a house or villa while visiting Hawaii. Picture yourself on the beach, visiting Pearl Harbor, .sightseeing in tropical gardens, visiting the volcano, walking in the black sand beaches, and so much more. We can help you plan that special trip to Hawaii.


Beyond a doubt, the best all-inclusive resorts exist in Mexico. While the Mexican Riviera, Cozumel and Cancun are the favorite spots for vacation, Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, Puerto Penasco and several other delightful locations are perfect for your vacation that offer pristine beaches, adventurous tours and opportunities to sight-seeing trips and family fun. Have you visited the Mayan Ruins and pyramids? Mexico offers everything for every age from fun in the sun, to learning about cultural history, let us help you plan the vacation you are looking for – touring, relaxing, sight-seeing – whatever your desire, we’d like to help you learn more about visiting Beautiful Mexico.



Most people are looking to vacation somewhere outside the country, whether it be to Europe, The Caribbean, Mexico, Australia, Iceland, and many other wonderful scenic spots. However, we have so much beauty here in our country that seems most forget about. Beyond our national parks and monuments, there is culture, beautiful landscapes, plenty of wildlife and fishing. The list goes on and if you have taken the time to discover America and Canada, you should plan one year to explore our own backyard.

Whereever your vacation plans are within the United States or Canada, we can provide you with resorts, hotels, rental cars, airfare, tours and vacation packages for the family, group tours, honeymoons and any occasion you have for your travel plans. We have specials on Las Vegas, Orlando, Florida to include Disney World & Universal Studios, Western towns with panning for gold, or adventure tours of Yosemite National Park. Thinking of Alaska, Canada or New England? No problem, we do it all and find the right package to make your vacation a special event with lasting memories tailored to what you like to do best.