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Your wedding day should be special, unique and memorable to last a lifetime. There are so many ways to have a wedding these days, some are traditional, and some are very unique and different, but nothing says “I LOVE YOU FOREVER” like a special Tropical Beach Wedding or Destination Wedding in a plush, exotic, tropical resort.
When you consider that most traditional weddings cost you a lot of money for the church and wedding reception, why not consider doing something totally different and unique? Why not invest that money on a wedding or honeymoon you will remember the rest of your lives. A destination wedding to a Caribbean island tropical garden, or on the beach at sunset is something you will cherish for years. Or if you want something really different, there are a variety of Disney Wedding packages to choose from. Whatever your perfect wedding dreams are, we can help you make those dreams come true. We make all the arrangements for you, you just tell us the where, what and when, and we will make it a “worry-free” and memorable experience. Let us share with you some different ideas to make your wedding special.


One of the most popular venues is the Destination Wedding, where your family and friends travel with you to enjoy your wedding and to share some of the honeymoon week as a group, while still leaving you time alone for your selves. At almost every resort, if family and friends come along, the Bride and Groom stay for Free! There are always special amenities for the Bride and Groom, to include things like a rose-petal bath for the two of you, breakfast in bed, and much more.

Many of the islands in the Caribbean allow you to get married on the same day, or the next day after arrival, and some require that you spend a couple days on the island before a marriage license is granted. If the wait is not desired or feasible, you could get married in the U. S. with family and friends, and then renew the ceremony at the resort they travel to. Most popular is the “Wedding Moon” where you get married at the resort, and then stay there for the week for your honeymoon. You can get married on the beach, or in a plush tropical garden – with family and friends present, or alone just the two of you – you can get married early morning, mid-day, or at sunset in the evening with the sounds of the waves hitting the beach. It’s all up to what you dream will be your special moment! Once again, we do all the planning tailoring it to your special requests, and it’s worry-free – we take care of it all for you.

Just imagine staying in your own bungalow or beautiful resort room near the beach where you can relax and enjoy each other’s company. This is where you will probably want an Adults Only Resort where you can be around other couples with no children present. Some of the resorts allow you to relax “au naturel” in a private setting, or within the privacy of your own special place complete with Jacuzzi in your room, or a private outdoor pool.


If you want a really magical experience, consider the magic of Disney! A special Disney Wedding complete with a magical coach ride to the Disney Resort Hotel where you will spend your wedding night, and perhaps your honeymoon. As you can imagine, no one does it quite like Disney, and of course, the wedding and honeymoon are magical as only Disney can do it. Once again, we handle all the details for you, you just go, relax and enjoy.


Hawaii is a special place that many think of for their wedding or their honeymoon – or both! Continuous warm tropical climate, beautiful sunsets, and plush tropical settings all make a wedding and honeymoon in Hawaii a very special lifelong memory. With so much to see and do in Hawaii, this honeymoon is a dream vacation and one of the best ways to treasure that special moment in time in your life. Once again, we make all your arrangements for you and all you have to do is get on the plane, relax and enjoy!


There are three unique ways that you can enjoy a cruise wedding. The first is that you can actually bring all the family and friends to the cruise ship, get married on the ship in port and then say goodbye to everyone as you take off on your honeymoon cruise. If some of the family and friends want to go along, we can arrange that also with their own cabins, and if you have a fairly large group, you will get special amenities like a private cocktail party and more. The second way is to actually get married on the ship while at sea, and again, friends and family can join you with their own personal cabins. The ceremony is very unique and nice, and the honeymoon continues while on the cruise to fabulous tropical islands. The third way is to take the cruise, get off at specific islands and get married on the beach with a beach wedding, and continue on your cruise with the honeymoon. Each is very special and unique and the arrangements are simple, you just call us!


One of the most popular trends today is renewing your wedding vow at a special anniversary or just any occasion that you decide the time is right. The options are endless: Make that special trip to Hawaii, take a wonderful Caribbean Cruise or European Cruise and renew your vows right on ship, a European River Cruise, or select a fabulous tropical resort. Whatever your dream, we can make it come true and nothing like renewing your wedding vows with a special vacation for the two of you. Contact us, tell us what you prefer and where you like to go, and we’ll do all the rest for you to have a “worry-free” vacation and vow renewal experience

However you choose to make that special time in life magical, let us plan it for you. We handle all the details to include a wedding and/or honeymoon registry and guarantee a “worry-free” trip. All you do is relax, enjoy and create those magical moments for the two of you! Call us today – 866-526-2929 and let us work the magic for you!